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Vendredi 30
Panel 1: Religion, discours et stratégies politiques
Konstantinos Papastathis
› 14:00 - 16:00 (2h)
› BS 1.03
Unveiling the “veiling” debate in the Greek Press
Zacharoula Karagiannopoulou  1@  
1 : Panteion University of Social and Political Studies  (Panteion)  -  Site web
136, Syngrou Av. 176 71 Athens -  Grèce

The postmodern contemporary societies are very often called to cope with complex issues where religion and politics intersect. So inevitably they confront with challenges concerning the validity of their “previous” certainties which are based on Westphalian values. This paper will present the preliminary results of an ongoing research on how the Greek Press narrates the (un)veiling debate (an “old issue” in the light of post modernity) that takes place in France and Turkey and sets a bunch of questions. First, does the political ideological orientation of the Press affects the presentation of the pro and (or) contra argumentation that it provides? Second, do the choices of the discussion's aspects that are communicated through the Papers obey the schema liberal, conservative, socialist or go beyond? And finally, how does the Greek Press register the procedure of reevaluation of the relation between religion and politics? 

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